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Need-it-Now Instructions
(Print this page now if you plan to order)

Order the "Need-it-Now" Fantasy Football Draft Board. Upon order confirmation, look for a link in the bottom/middle of the screen. Save the file to your hard drive or other drive and follow the instructions below. You'll get one Adobe pdf. file that contains separate pdf. files for the board(s) labels. It is essential that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later for this to work. Follow the Adobe link to upgrade to the latest version. If you only see one file when you open it, this means that you do not have the latest version and need to upgrade. Remember, the upgrade is free.
  1. Go to Kinko's or CopyMax/OfficeMax that has a 3ft wide black/white printer.
  2. Get a pack of white labels, make sure the labels are 30 to a page. Avery is the most common brand, and you'll want style number 5260 or equivalent.
  3. Take your labels and file to Kinko's, etc. The files should be formatted already, so they should not have to manipulate the files at all.
  4. Kinko's or CopyMax/OfficeMax will print the draft board (approx. $5-$10) on the large printer.

Kinko's/CopyMax should be able to get the job done while you wait. It is our experience that most Kinko's have a large printer, but not all of them do. You may have to try other locations.

Look for the file on the order confirmation page after you place your order.

Remember, the Need-It-Now kits do not carry warrantees, etc. No refunds will be given on this product. If you are having technical difficulties, we'll be happy to assist you. Just call (800)4-ATRPHY, and we can walk you through the process.